Particular Heartburn Medications May Boost Cardiac Arrest Risk

When it comes to a personal injury settlement, Hudson Valley residents might consider pursuing this if they experience certain issues with medical devices. Over the years, there have been medical devices that were shown defective and this resulted in patients experience various injuries and complications. One of the devices that might have caused problems is the Stryker hip replacement. If you had a hip replacement during the time when these were considered defective, it is important that you understand the potential problems and more about the hip replacement process in general.

Premature Breakdown With the Stryker Hip Replacement Device

The issue with premature breakdown is thought to be with the implant's neck stem. Similar issues were present in certain other hip implants that were of the metal-on-metal variety. Those looking into the issue believe that several factors might be at play concerning the premature breakdown, such as metal poisoning and faulty parts. Those who experienced the metal poisoning due to these implants experienced issues related to their heart, thyroid and nervous system. As the implant degraded, patients who experienced this problem had several symptoms, including the soft tissues around the implant becoming painful, inflamed and swollen.

There were several discomforts and problems that patients experienced when their implant broke down prematurely:

-In the implant area, clicking, grinding or popping


-Tissue inflammation

-Premature hip replacement failure


-The levels of chromium and cobalt in the blood were high

-Fractured hipbone

-Dislocating or loosening implant

-Significant pain


-Bone loss due to the implant loosening


-Hip, thigh and groin swelling

-Rash associated with necrosis

-Problems when trying to walk or stand

The overall severity varied among patients, and of course, patients generally did not experience all of these problems. If any of these do occur in a patient with a hip implant, it is important that they are evaluated right away.

Hip Implant Basics

There are a number of reasons a person might need a hip replacement. When the natural hip no longer operates properly, a replacement could help to restore range of motion and quality of life. Conditions like osteonecrosis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis could cause someone to require a hip replacement. The Stryker implant personal injury settlement hudson valley specifically was a metal-on-metal type. To place this implant, the surgeon would remove a person's natural hip joint and put the implant in its place. It acted like the natural joint in terms of movement and functionality.

You can see that there is a lot to known concerning the Stryker hip replacement device and the potential issues that patients could face. Now that you know more about this device and the general information concerning a hip replacement, you can decide if you should consider a personal injury settlement in Hudson Valley.

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